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Social Media Revolution Video 4

Another interesting social media stats video by Erik Qualman of Socialnomics

The sound track really makes it.

Via Digital Buzz Blog

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Peer Index

A neat way for online socialites to get perks for their posts.

Connect all your social channels to the Peer Index to find out if you are eligible for perks.





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Popcorn Maker

Remix and recreate your own version of the web.

Popcorn allows you to embed images, videos, sounds, hashtags all in to one video and create something of your own.


Watch the quick tutorial and you’ll be ready to start popping
Via Rubbishcorp

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Special K Tweet Shop

We all know the early bird catches the worm, so why can’t the early tweet catch the special K? Well now it can.

This new ‘Tweet shop’ in Soho allows passers-by to buy a packet by simply tweeting about it.

via This is Money

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Barnardos – Rewrite

Clap your hands if you believe.

Wait! Don’t clap your hands, you’ll need them.

Okay, I’m talking nonsense, but this will all make sense when you watch this interesting application for Barnardo’s made by BBH.

See it for yourself here.
Via Creativity Online

Zaraguza – Real Time Facebook Cover Photo

A clever way to make the static Facebook cover photo in to a live stream.

Okay, the idea of a live stream from the office is pretty dull but the concept of an auto-updating cover photo could lead to some pretty interesting things.

via Digital Buzz Blog